November 3…..if I told you the year you’d guess how young I am ……



14705776_10154558555065903_7042710378955116841_nI had Family Group in Uniontown on Sunday.  It was so great to see everyone.  Sad, but good !!  Tommys girlfriend Lizzie died of an overdose.   My heart goes out to him.  And his mom. This disease of addiction strikes so many.  Family members think that if their addict just stops using that everything will be ok.  Wouldn’t that be just so easy????  They don’t understand that addiction is hereditary. That it goes back to whoever was the first to abuse alcohol.   Alcohol is the oldest known drug.  My Aunt Minnie was an alcoholic.  When she drank the first drink she could not stop. People judged her because they didn’t know any better.  Ironically enough I was her favorite.   I remember my mom feeling so relieved that it became public that the Kennedy Family had a young son who was selling heroin when I was in rehab.   My mother got great comfort in that.  If it happened to the Kennedy Family then we were not too bad.  Talk about a stigma.  You know the sad thing about it?    The sad thing is that it is STILL like that. I taught an addictions counseling course to the Graduate students at Duquesne University years ago.  The first class I would ask the students to get out a piece of paper and pencil and I’d ask them to draw a drug addict.  90% of them drew a bum living under a bridge.  I would then tell them that they should have drawn their attorney or their family doctor or their neighbor or their teacher or their own family!!!!   Addiction is treated as a “moral deficiency”.  Addicts are treated as if they are low life junkies.   Alcoholics on the other hand are “socially acceptable”.  Alcohol is socially acceptable.  Heroin & Crack are NOT.  And why is that?   Because alcohol is permitted in society.  It “relaxes” us!!!!  There is so much BAD INFORMATION out there.

Addicts are “born” with this disease.  They are addicts BEFORE they pick up a drink or a drug. Get educated about what this means !!!!! I have 4 children who have never picked up a drink or a drug. It is my professional opinion that at least 3 out of 4 of them are addicts and if they did pick up a drink or a drug they would not be able to stop. If parents educated themselves about the disease of addiction they could do some prevention work with their children. When my daughter Talia was growing up we went to her prom dates house for pictures. There were many parents and children there. The parent announced to everyone that he would be taking the kids keys when they come back to his home for the after party.  Now I became very confused. Wow I know that these are the type of people who teach their children not to break the law.  Why is it OK for their children to break the law by drinking before the age of 21?  Set all this addiction crap aside. Let’s just talk right and wrong. If we taught our kids to not break the law then we would not be finding ways to help them drink before the age of 21!  There is so much to be educated about concerning the disease of addiction !!!  People are not interested until it’s too late.

The truth is all I can think about is my court case coming up. It’s on my mind 24/7.  I feel like I’m living a fairy tale…, I mean I’m waiting for someone to wake me up!!!  My book will be awesome. I still am being told nmot to talk to reporters.  WHAT does THAT tell you?? Speaks volumes to me!!!  Uniontown is POLITICALLY  CORRUPT !   I can’t wait to expose them….All of them.  We worked hard to help many riddled with this disease.  Some got help; some didn’t.

Stay with me you guys!  I need you in my life.  I need to know that I have your support !  I need to know that you are well or that you are struggling.   You are important to me!!!!  We need to stop the way addicts are treated by society !    Thank you for always being there. I love you 😍🤓🤓🤓❤️❤️

5 thoughts on “November 3…..if I told you the year you’d guess how young I am ……

  1. All of what Roz says is so very true. My son is a meth addict, I too have the gene and my son came by his addictive gene through no fault of his own. I was a smoker and I tried for many years to quit and simply was unable. One Easter my step mother (who was also a smoker and had emphysema) turned off her oxygen to eat dinner. During the dinner she passed out from lack of oxygen and fell face first into a plate of mashed potatoes and gravy while struggling to breathe and children were appalled.

    That was an epiphany for me – if I don’t stop smoking that will be me in the mashed potatoes in 20 years, struggling to do something as simple as breathing. I quit. It was hard and it took more than a year and at times I was impossible, rude and mean. At one point my husband threw a $10 bill on the table and told me to go buy a pack because I was a much nicer person as a smoker!

    I didn’t – i persevered. I still am drawn to the smell of smoke – for a minute. And I still use rubber bands, pencils – anything to keep my hands busy. I would love to light up – but I know if I have one I can’t stop and I don’t want to live through the hell of quitting again.

    My son comes by his addiction genes so honestly and I would do anything to change what I passed on to him. I can’t. All I can do is hope and pray that someday he will have the strength to walk away. I live with this lump in my throat and panic every time the phone rings that my son has died. No parent should live with this awful sense of impending doom for their child and yet be powerless to effect a positive change.

    Our son is a good person, with a heart as big as Texas, he is smart, articulate and talented. He loves his children and tries to be a good father. He comes from a good family, but a family riddled with addictions. My own addiction to smoking, my husbands addiction to working (which is a very real addiction but people sadly admire someone who forgoes all activities with their family and children in order to work), my father in-laws addiction to alcohol. My son didn’t ask for this – it is his genetic heritage.

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    1. God Bless you Judy. My heart goes out to you. It was great talking with you the other day. It would be nice to get together. I’ll add your son gto my Prayers Judy. Remember to give him my number if you get the chance!!! Keep your chin up & don’t stop fighting Mom !


  2. Roz I truly am grateful for u and ur family. I couldn’t imagine what u are going through. But just know if it wasn’t for u I would probably still be on methadone and using on rope of that. But today I stand here clean. I have held the same
    Job for over a year now, I have a relationship with my family, and I’m in a relationship with a man that has never done drugs and treats me like a queen. Roz if it wasn’t for u teaching me that I had to love myself before I could love anyone else, I wouldn’t have what I have today. You never turned ur back on me, u was always in my corner cheering me on. I was always able to be honest with u about anything. Boy do I miss our conversations, actually I just miss u. I truly love u so much for everything u have ever done for me, whether if it was talking to me, or helping me find myself. I will always be here for u no matter what. Love u

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    1. Mind, that truly touched my heart. I cannot describe what it is like not having ASI and you people in my life daily…… it is something I never ever expected. It makes my heart smile when you tell me how well you are doing. That was the main goal Mind. Someday God will reveal why this needed to happen. I hope it’s soon ! Hug your mom for me and anyone else that you see who I would want to hug !! I’m proud of you “Mindle” …. thank you for supporting me. I love you!


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