You Have to Give to Get!!! Part 1

  Did anyone see the HUGE COLORFUL RAINBOW 🌈 on Washington Blvd tonight ???  It was PHENOMENAL !  I’ve been praying for a miracle for quite some time.  God always comes through in our darkest moment. 

I’m writing to let you all know that as I was surfing the internet I got a text message that read “If you believe that in order to have anything you must give to others …….. call me at 1-800-blah blah blah…..”.  So of course being inquisitive as I am, I called and left a message !  A woman returned my call the next day.       She was bubbly and enthusiastic!  She said, “So what made you call me Roz?”  I let her know that l believe that everything happens for a reason and that my famous last words are “you gotta give to get…”!!    So the woman on the phone (her name is Merry; spelled just like that!) went on to tell me about a new way to make a lot of money by “giving to others!”  

It is called “FUND MY CAUSE”!!

So now….. I’m so excited to ask each and every one of you for your help !!!  I have been researching this for the past several days and it sounds like something that all  of us can do and make money!!    It is connected to “Bitcoins”!   Read up on Bitcoins. Get some information!!  I’ll be posting information …. if you have any questions right them down !!!

Go to and click on how it works.   Shoot me a text after you read up on it and I’ll explain !  Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you !!!  The monetary investment is approx. $48.00.   You need $48.00 and two people you can bring in who want to make money !!!!    If you want to join here’s the link you MUST USE in order to sign up under me…..

I’m going to “blog you down” with information about this!!!  I was telling my friend today that asking people for money is something that I just cannot do. I’m really no good at it !!!  However, I have no problem asking you to please let me sign you up for FUND MY CAUSE because we BOTH GET TO BENEFIT !!!   Hence, I help you and you help me !!!  Give it some thought and tell me if you are willing!!!!!   

Things are looking up a little !  God is answering my prayers. He gives me little signs and He speaks through others !!  Let’s do this…I need you to do it !!

412-292-8899—-FEEL FREE TO TEXT ME!!!

I look forward to getting a text from you!!! 

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