Hi my name is Roz and I am an addict! My clean date is December 13, 1983. This blog is about me, you, and the disease of addiction. I plan on sharing my knowledge, experience, my pain, and my joy daily with you. I would like you to do the same.

I need to clarify that ADDICTION covers a wide gamut of categories. My opinion is that when speaking of addiction we are not talking about a specific “drug”. Addiction covers drugs, alcohol, food, men, women, sex, relationships, gambling, and I am sure I missed some others. 

My hope is that you are able to get your questions answered, as well as express your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about this illness. Please share openly. Living with addiction can be scary, please know that you are not alone and my hope is that you get some peace of mind and serenity by reading this blog.

“Now, we know that the time has come when that tired old lie, “Once an addict, always an addict,” will no longer be tolerated by either society or the addict himself. We do recover.” (Chapter 8, We Do Recover, NA Basic Text)

Thank you for your support!! Enjoy!

Roz S.


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  1. I considered Asi my family and still do. Asi helped become a better person, I was taught how to pray, how to forgive and how to treat other. Over all I was taught how to stay clean. Since Asi has closed I have lost people that was very close to me and still am asking God why? When they shut Asi down, u mise well say they dont care about the addicts that are still suffering or the addicts that were there getting help and striving to be better. I will alway be thankful for Asi and the people that I have met through my journey at Asi. Roz Sugarmann I love u with all my heart!!


  2. Roz.. You are one amazing woman..I have seen you juggle so many things in one day that a normal person couldn’t juggle in a month… Now it’s been awhile since I have seen you, but I have been following the stories from the newspapers reading the lies, the media’s jokes and most of all… The comments and cries from the REAL people you have helped, and I must say I am overwhelmed…Roz I want you to know what you are and what you do is only possible with the guidance of GODS hands… At one time you were keeping all the kids in legacy grounded while also running your business and doing competitions… Lady again.. GOD is guiding you.. I really hope when God opens your biggest door that you and your children are blessed above and beyond … Your children are also the most respectable,considering ,loving,caring,chip off of the Blocks of their parents I have ever in my life seen… You have helped so many people that the corruption in our Government is just sickening… These people NEED You…well I just wanted to let you know that I think you are one AMAZING Lady, and I send you all the hugs and good vibes a person can send.. Love you

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    1. Sandy; You bring tears to my eyes. There are so many mean, vindictive people out there I cannot believe it. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Love you guys 💋💋💋💋


      1. Always remember those mean and vindictive people are UGLY … And their hearts show Evil. We know better Roz …The HIGER POWER ( My God) is the only one to judge those and we not to Judge… BUT GOD HATES UGLY… You Lady have the keys to Heavans doors!!!! leave those people who are mean and cruel out of your life you do not need it… Love to you all..


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