I Miss You !

I don’t know why I said I miss you …..I guess it has to do with how much my life has changed over the past 2.5 years……..I never expected to be where I am……..I’m guessing it sounds like I’m whining and feeling sorry for myself……I probably am ….and in that case you should probably go on to read something more positive and uplifting and motivational and full of gratitude instead of THIS!!!! But let me use this blog for a quick minute as a place to DUMP !

I walked out of the gates of Alderson Women’s Prison Camp on June 19, 2018. I remember walking down the hill to Administration with my new friends Brandall, Josie, Cayla, Kelly, Elena, Gena and the mix of feelings of both sadness & happiness were overwhelming to say the least. I could not WAIT to step out that gate into FREEDOM yet I couldn’t bear looking at these women who I had to leave behind. I guess what I’m saying is that I was not prepared in the LEAST to go from being incarcerated to being free. They call that step from the inside to the outside “RE-ENTRY”. Yes, that’s what the guards and prison staff is SUPPOSED to be preparing you for….REENTRY !!!! I’m fully aware that you might just be thinking that Alderson is just a “Camp Cupcake” and transitioning should be fairly simple right???


And my little 10 month sentence was NOTHING compared at all to Brandy–14 years; Josie—-2 years; Cayla —5 years; Kelly –4 years; Elena —10 years; and Gena 8 years. That’s just the tip of the iceberg……see, because while you are locked up all you can think of is how great going home is going to be ………..little did you realize that for the most part, you are being thrown back into society with no job waiting for you; probably no money waiting for you (I was in there with white collar professionals who really didn’t bury their money in the back yard to have when they came home); in many cases, no home address as of yet; an expired drivers license; no way to get a passport; and last but not least the word “FELON” flashing on your back which destroys your ability to vote or to pass a background check. Now don’t get me wrong, I can hear the mumbling and grumbling from people who are extremely arrogant and judgmental saying those famous words “well you should have thought of all that BEFORE you committed the crime.” But then again what about the majority of the inmates who are non-violent, first time offenders who ‘took a plea’ because their attorney or the prosecutor scared the shit out of them telling them that they should definitely take the plea because if they go to trial the chances are they will be given the maximum sentence or maximum jail time….. What the hell kind of justice is THAT?

So now, I have been home with my freedom for the past 8 months ……BUT, I have no business, I have no income, my credit is AWFUL, I can’t even BEGIN to look for a job…..without my criminal background check saying “FELON”and now finally, we lost our home of 22 years! If you want to REALLY laugh, you should try going to look for a home to rent with no income; bad credit and a felony on your record!! Now you tell me how FREE you would feel???? And I was only gone 10 months…..what about the women I mentioned earlier??? They’ve been out of society for YEARS!!!!!!!!

Fortunately for ME, I’m a believer! I’m an optimist I believe in oCHASING your dreams! I believe that God didn’t bring me this far and through a horrifying active addiction and help me pull myself out of hell in 1983 to have me turn right back around and fall in that same damn hole again and not get out.

I am living proof that with God, therapy, 12 steps, Hope, and the love & support from 4 over the top fantastic wonderful children and one MORE than special husband who has loved me unconditionally , I’m going to climb right back out of this hole I’m in and pass right by where I was at the top and wave to myself on my way further up!!!!!

So now that I’m feeling whole and I’ve started believing in myself again, I’m back in commission!!

“THE SECOND ACT, LLC” located at 809 McClure St in Homestead, PA will be opening March 1,2019 ! This is the only Sober Living Home of its kind in the area!!! It is strictly for the addict who is serious about recovery and who wants to take pride in “living clean”. It’s for the addict who understands that there is MORE to recovery than a clean date and that ‘using’ is merely a symptom of the disease. Recovery is about change. The bottom line is that if you want to live clean and let go of old people, places and things, this might be a fit for you. You must be employed and/or have someone who is willing to guarantee your rent for you.

This is a “MENS House” and we will be opening a “WOMENS” Home within a few weeks as well. These homes are newly remodeled and have all of the luxuries of living in a “Recovery Home” and NOT in a flop house!! If this has peaked your interest, feel free to give us a call to set up an interview. We can explain our philosophy and see if we are a fit for you! We look forward to working together and becoming a part of your journey!

Feel free ton call or text “The Second Act, LLC at 412-690-0050 or send an email to: The2ndacttx@gmail.com

And we will get back to you!!!!



2 thoughts on “I Miss You !

  1. I love you Roz & Sean, your doing a wonderful thing for all of US (at least for those who want it) your going strong, don’t let the light go out, and I’m behind you 100 percent!!!!


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